Curzio Research Shareholders

CEO investors will receive an equity stake—and a healthy potential yield—in an established business ($55 million market cap) with a solid strategy for exponential growth.

The financial newsletter industry is one of the world’s highest-margin niche businesses.

Curzio Mission

Bringing integrity back to the financial newsletter industry with real-world investor education, thoroughly researched stocks, realistic returns, and long-term relationships with our subscribers.

A publisher’s success is largely dependent on its ability to convert its reader list into paid subscribers. Curzio Research excels in this area: Its powerhouse management team has produced one of the highest conversion and retention rates in the industry.

As such, the company generated an impressive $6.4 million within the first two years of launch—even more remarkable when factoring in a modestly sized reader list. Over the same period, Curzio’s largest competitors booked $2 billion in sales, while distributing to millions of readers.

As Curzio’s reader list expands, revenue growth will coincide. And with CEO capital as fuel, management will continue to execute its strategy for expansion.

The security token market is rapidly gaining momentum… and the potential for early investors is tremendous. The CEO token stands out for its exceptional investor benefits, with the added bonus of access to the multibillion-dollar financial newsletter industry—one that, until now, has been closed to public investors.

Token Structure

Disclosure Statement

How to Become
a Curzio Equity Owner

How to Become a Curzio Equity Owner (CURZ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

    An STO is a tokenized offering of securities available for sale.

  • What is the CEO token?

    The CEO tokens are security tokens that represent equity in Curzio Research.

  • Who can buy the CEO token?

    US investors and international investors from 40 countries around the world qualify to purchase the CEO token

  • Where do I find the CEO token?

    The CEO token (CURZ) is trading on tZERO Exchange.
    Learn more.

  • How do I buy the Curzio Equity Owner (CURZ) token?

    The CEO token is trading on the tZERO Exchange. You can sign up for an account now.

  • Are STOs a risky investment?

    As with any small-cap or start up, STOs require due diligence. Be sure the company is legitimate, the team is serious, and the strategy is viable.

  • What is an STO?

    An STO is a security token offering.

  • Can anyone invest in an STO?

    The initial offering is available only to accredited investors in the U.S., who are assumed to have the knowledge and experience to make educated high-risk investments.

  • What’s the difference between ICOs and STOs?

    Initial coin offerings (ICOs) can be launched with an idea, a website, and a whitepaper. But an STO goes through a rigorous examination by advisors and legal teams. Everything from legal documentation to financial reports to business plans are scrutinized.

  • Are STOs regulated?

    STOs are regulated. But each offering should be thoroughly researched and vetted by investors, as would be expected with an IPO or private placement.

  • What do KYC and AML stands for?

    KYC stands for Know Your Customer and AML is Anti Money Laundering. They represent a set of standards and processes that ensure banned or sanctioned parties aren’t participating in the ICO/STO.

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