NEWS  |  01.14.19  |  The Tokenist

Overstock’s tZERO distributes its security token to investors

tZERO, the blockchain subsidiary of, had one of the most publicized STOs last August, raising some $134 million. The tokens were issued in October and then “locked up” in a custodial wallet for three months. They will now be distributed to investors, who can decide where they wish to hold their tZERO tokens. Options include creating a brokerage account or holding them in their own personal wallet.

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EDUCATION  |  01.13.19  |  Coin Rivet

Will 2019 be the year of mainstream blockchain adoption?

Beyond business use cases, retail and institutional investors are acknowledging and taking advantage of the power of blockchain technology to bring unprecedented efficiencies to traditional financial markets. The emerging security token industry, a hot topic in the crypto sphere, is lauded for its ability to bring greater liquidity to financial markets.

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NEWS  |  01.13.19  |  The Tokenist

Brock Pierce: Security tokens are “revolutionary,” will “give birth to a quadrillion dollar market”

Industry thought leader Brock Pierce has been ahead of the game in numerous blockchain-related ventures. He first become involved with Bitcoin back in 2009, shortly after the groundbreaking network went live. In a recent interview with The FinTech Times, Pierce shared his insight on the future of the blockchain space. 2019 will be a year of significant success for the security token industry, which he says will ultimately transform a quadrillion dollar market.

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EDUCATION  |  01.12.19  |  Crypto Insider

Are utility tokens worth anything?

The cryptocurrency world currently is in limbo regarding its market valuation, identity, and regulatory stance. The crypto space is still highly speculative regarding coin/token/project values, and there may be some confusion leading to overly bullish speculation. This begs the question: Are utility tokens (most current cryptocurrencies) overvalued?

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NEWS  |  01.03.19  |  Bloomberg

Tesla stock on a blockchain offers hint of where crypto's headed

A new digital exchange will enable investors to trade in companies—including Apple, Facebook, and Tesla—outside of the U.S. even when the stock markets are closed. DX.Exchange, which has offices in Estonia and Israel, will offer digital tokens based on share of 10 Nasdaq-listed companies with plans to expand to the New York Stock Exchange.

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NEWS  |  01.02.19  |

Oxygen Hospitality to be first security token offering on TokenIQ platform

Through Oxygen Hospitality Group’s upcoming STO, investors in its hotels will receive shares—represented by tokens—with asset backed security and a level of transparency important for investing in real estate. Infusing technology into all aspects of its business from raising capital for acquisitions to hotel operations is a key focus in Oxygen’s growth.

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EDUCATION  |  01.02.19  |  Yahoo! Finance

There's a new buzzword in crypto: the “STO”

As well as offering the potential for legally compliant ICOs, advocates argue that STOs allow companies to put existing securities such as stocks and bonds on a cryptographic blockchain, so people can trade securities with no need for a middleman. In theory, any form of value could be “tokenized”—stock certificates, diamonds, even art collections.

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EDUCATION  |  12.25.18  |  EIN Newsdesk

Five reasons why STOs will rule the crypto future

Experts are already predicting that the STOs will be a multitrillion-dollar market in the next few years. And for once, regulatory authorities and the crypto community are seeing eye-to-eye, as STOs are being looked at favourably both by regulators and blockchain ventures. Here’s what makes STOs the new darling of the crypto space...

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NEWS  |  12.24.18  |  Hackernoon

Security tokens in the US: regulations and exemptions under the SEC laws

More and more companies are filing SEC Form D to conduct STOs, a reliable and convenient substitution to traditional IPOs and ICOs. Fundraising via STO is compliant with U.S. laws, thus allowing crypto companies to sell security tokens to big institutional players—something startups weren’t able to do before.

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EDUCATION  |  12.22.18  |  CoinCodex

What is an STO?

With interest for ICOs cooling down, a new type of blockchain-powered funding mechanism is gaining a lot of buzz—the STO. STOs are still a very new model, and the infrastructure for conducting STOs and potentially trading the tokens on a secondary market is being developed by multiple companies.

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NEWS  |  12.21.18  |  Financial Report 24

Private IT backed security token is soon hitting the industry

BaseCore is leveraging its own stable coin with the portfolios of private IT companies… The token is made up of two main components. The first is the investor element, which is based on high-yield assets from non-public IT startup assets. The second is the stabilization factor. The value of the underlying asset is used to fix the base redemption price.

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EDUCATION  |  12.16.18  |  The Real Deal

How building owners are seeking new sources of capital via blockchain

Just as investors in real estate investment trusts can buy shares that represent an ownership stake in a piece of large trophy assets, a digital security token offering functions much the same way. Known as "tokenization," companies are trying to pioneer a system for trading ownership shares in real estate using blockchain technology and REITs as the vehicle.

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NEWS  |  12.12.18  |  Cryptovest

AMB crypto accepted in security token offering in shipping and trade

The decentralized IoT (internet of things) network for next-generation supply-chains Ambrosus has teamed up with global digital shipping marketplace SHIPNEXT to allow its AMB coin to increase its STO. The deal marks an industry-first use case for a digital currency to be accepted as a legitimate contribution in an STO.

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NEWS  |  12.12.18  |  Cryptovest

QuantmRe launches security token backed by property assets

QuantmRe, which operates a blockchain-based real estate trading platform, announced on Tuesday the launch of the EQRE security token that allows qualified investors to get exposure to fractional equity interests in U.S. residential properties. The diversified pool of fractional interests ensures a high degree of liquidity in this U.S. property asset class, which totals $31.8 trillion.

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