NEWS  |  11.27.18  |  SludgeFeed

Coinbase and Ripple back security token startup ‘Securitize’

Securitize, a San Francisco-based startup that assists companies with tokenizing assets and traditional securities, has closed a $12.75 million Series A round led by Blockchain Capital, with notable participation from Coinbase Ventures and Ripple’s Xpring Fund. The startup wants to tokenize the $7 trillion securities industry to improve transparency and liquidity.

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NEWS  |  11.27.18  |  The Tokenist

Patrick Byrne and go all-in on security tokens

Founder Patrick Byrne is planning to sell and direct his full attention to the blockchain industry. Byrne’s most anticipated project in the blockchain space is the developing security token exchange tZero. The platform raised $134 million during its initial offering and aims to operate under SEC approval within months.

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NEWS  |  11.27.18  |  CoinDesk

Harbor launches tokenized equity purchases with real estate offering

Blockchain startup Harbor has officially launched its security token compliance platform and is moving to offer digitized shares in a high-rise building located in South Carolina, an apartment block called The Hub at Columbia. Investors can now register to buy the 955 shares—represented by 955 tokens—available at a cost of $21,000 apiece.

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NEWS  |  11.27.18  |  Cryptonews

Security tokens industry got a boost from investors

Securitize, a compliance platform for issuing and managing digitized securities on the blockchain, has raised $12.75 million in funding led by Blockchain Capital with other investors including Coinbase Ventures, Global Brain, NXTP, OK Blockchain Capital, and Xpring. The close of this Series A funding round comes ahead of Securitize’s plans to launch a digital security offering (DSO—another name for STO) in 2019.

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NEWS  |  11.15.18  |  Cryptovest

John McAfee involved in tokenizing rare art

Tokenizing real-world value has been an idea making the circles in crypto space. From buildings to businesses or metal mining rights, offering to own a part through a cryptographic token is seen as a viable investment opportunity. But tokenizing artworks has also been a part of the business.

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NEWS  |  11.15.18  |  CryptoSlate

Investor rights and legal risks might make STOs the future of funding

The Wild West days of crypto funding are over. The initial excitement over ICOs seems to have faded as rapidly as it has started. When implementing an ICO, a company doesn’t have to sell equity, and users can buy tokens for use, making it beneficial for both parties. However, as utility tokens are not an investment in the company itself, the users aren’t entitled to anything from the company.

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EDUCATION  |  11.15.18  |  XBT Network

Security tokens and STOs are the next big front for the crypto industry

According to Daniel Masters, the chairman of the U.K-based CoinShares, STOs are going to be a big hit in a crypto industry that’s ready for its next wave after Bitcoin and Ethereum. STOs offer the added advantage of attracting greater liquidity as well as helping projects not worry about regulatory clampdowns.

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SGX and Temasek invest in security token offerings platform

The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and Temasek's subsidiary have invested in iSTOX, a capital markets platform where issuers can raise capital via security token offerings. The demands of the next generation of investors and issuers calls for a shift in how the process of capital funding will be approached.

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EDUCATION  |  11.14.18  |

The growth of security tokens in 2018

Charlie Xu is a former strategic managing director of Fenbushi Capital, China’s most active blockchain VC fund. He now acts as CEO and founder of Hashgard, a one-stop shop for the management of digital assets. Xu concluded that 2019 to be a “watershed year” for security tokens and holds that STO activity will evolve into a trillion-dollar industry by 2023.

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EDUCATION  |  11.14.18  |  The Tokenist

Former Fenbushi Capital executive: STOs to exceed $200 billion crypto market cap in 2019

STOs have the potential to overcome several drawbacks of ICOs, including regulatory uncertainty. Because security tokens represent a claim to an asset, such as equity, investors have rights and reassurance. This contrasts with utility tokens, which are sold on the understanding that they may be worth nothing—and that holders have zero claim to any sort of assets.

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NEWS  |  11.12.18  |  The Tokenist

Predictive sporting platform SportsLedger diverts from ICO to STO due to regulatory concerns

SportsLedger has officially announced plans to launch an STO. In early 2018, the company had announced plans for an ICO, which were soon halted due to regulatory concerns. Other companies are also likely to make the transition to STOs to ensure compliant offerings. Purchasers of the SportsLedger security token will be entitled to future dividends and, in the event of the company being sold or going public, a conversion into common equity will be possible.

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