NEWS  |  01.27.19  |  The Tokenist

Stock Exchange of Thailand announces plan to obtain “digital assets operating license,” will support tokenized securities

There is currently a race over which country will become the leading hub for the tokenized security sector. Although Singapore, the U.S., and Malta are some of the leaders of the pack in this regard, Thailand is also looking to enter this increasingly competitive marketplace and become a prime mover in this new cryptocurrency sector.

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EDUCATION  |  01.27.19  |  Micky

“Why I believe crypto is a $278 trillion opportunity”

A prominent crypto economist explains how growing up in 1990s Russia shaped her belief that cryptocurrencies could one day become a multitrillion-dollar asset class. Anya Nova, with Perth-based blockchain project Power Ledger, says she experienced extreme hyperinflation during her childhood. That’s when she realized money is “a resource that the government controls—and occasionally mismanages.”

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NEWS  |  01.25.19  |  CoinTelegraph

Overstock’s tZERO security token platform begins live trading

E-commerce giant’s cryptocurrency subsidiary tZERO announced that secondary trading of tZERO tokens is now live. Accredited investors can trade the security tokens through a digital securities brokerage account at Dinosaur Financial Group, which will act as a broker-dealer.

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NEWS  |  01.21.19  |  CoinNewsSpan

Overstock is ready to launch its security token platform, tZERO

Patrick Byrne, CEO of online retailer Overstock, recently stated his corporation is planning to start its very own security token trading platform called as tZERO by the end of next week. “It’s a big moment for us,” he said, “four years in the making.” Bryne added that the company is “ready to hit the button and go live today” but wants to wait for more user signups.

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EDUCATION  |  01.18.19  |  Markets Media

Security token issuance set to rise

The security token market will dwarf the cryptocurrency market. They can represent fractional ownership of illiquid assets, such real estate or art, and so are more stable and easier to value for investors than cryptocurrencies. Boards of listed companies are already discussing the possibility of issuing security tokens.

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NEWS  |  01.18.19  |  BlockExplorer

Tokenized venture capital funds: What if you could invest in Silicon Valley startups before they go public?

The average Joe is keen to invest in startups, but how do they get involved and reap their share of wealth? Traditional venture capital funds are off-limits for the average person, but tokenized investment funds could bring about a change. With digital securities, investor protections can be hard-coded into the token itself, eliminating the potential for scams and fraud and potentially allowing regulators to relax the limits on investors.

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NEWS  |  01.17.19  |  The Tokenist

World Economic Forum: “Can digital securities fund an $18 trillion infrastructure gap?”

With the number of people living in urban slums “expected to triple, reaching three billion,” we are facing a currently insurmountable crisis. Peter Lyons of Atomic Capital penned an article that was recently published as part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on why digital securities could prove to be instrumental in meeting the future’s infrastructural funding challenges.

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NEWS  |  01.14.19  |  The Tokenist

Overstock’s tZERO distributes its security token to investors

tZERO, the blockchain subsidiary of, had one of the most publicized STOs last August, raising some $134 million. The tokens were issued in October and then “locked up” in a custodial wallet for three months. They will now be distributed to investors, who can decide where they wish to hold their tZERO tokens. Options include creating a brokerage account or holding them in their own personal wallet.

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EDUCATION  |  01.13.19  |  Coin Rivet

Will 2019 be the year of mainstream blockchain adoption?

Beyond business use cases, retail and institutional investors are acknowledging and taking advantage of the power of blockchain technology to bring unprecedented efficiencies to traditional financial markets. The emerging security token industry, a hot topic in the crypto sphere, is lauded for its ability to bring greater liquidity to financial markets.

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NEWS  |  01.13.19  |  The Tokenist

Brock Pierce: Security tokens are “revolutionary,” will “give birth to a quadrillion dollar market”

Industry thought leader Brock Pierce has been ahead of the game in numerous blockchain-related ventures. He first become involved with Bitcoin back in 2009, shortly after the groundbreaking network went live. In a recent interview with The FinTech Times, Pierce shared his insight on the future of the blockchain space. 2019 will be a year of significant success for the security token industry, which he says will ultimately transform a quadrillion dollar market.

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