EDUCATION  |  02.28.19  |  The Tokenist

Stablecoins will unleash blockchain adoption

Stablecoins are a hot item in the blockchain world. J-Coin Pay recently announced its official launch date in Japan, which will support its own stablecoin for payments. And J.P. Morgan announced it would be releasing its own stablecoin to speed up payments across borders, especially corporate debts.

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EDUCATION  |  02.25.19  |  Irish Tech News

The tokenization of everything – Pipe dream or inevitability?

The token sale model receiving the most hype at the moment is the STO, and a quick Google search of the term will show many proclaiming 2019 to be “the year of the STO.” The main benefit of using an STO as opposed to any other type of token offering is that it operates in a space with clear regulatory frameworks that guide issuers and investors alike.

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EDUCATION  |  02.24.19  |  Cryptosumer

If you want mass crypto adoption, you need trust, says PwC partner

In order to sell something to the masses, it must be standardized so people will trust it. In that sense, compliance and regulation are good things. PricewaterhouseCoopers expects to see institutionalization across the entire crypto spectrum. As more investors are entering the space, lawyers are busy with crypto and blockchain-related requests and governments are working to regulate it all.

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EDUCATION  |  02.23.19  |  Coinspeaker

Will 2019 be in favor of security token offerings?

Security tokens can accelerate the democratization of venture capital. Blockchain technology and smart contracts introduced an efficient means to raise capital without the use of intermediaries. Security tokens allow companies to raise capital without having to turn to investment banks and stock exchanges—as we’ve seen with businesses like Securitize, Polymath and Harbor, along with completely “tokenized” funds such as Spice VC.

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NEWS  |  02.22.19  |  Crowdfund Inside

Fincross preps launch of blockchain-based investment bank

Fincross is building a plethora of financial products based on proprietary distributed ledger technology (DLT). The bank claims it will “revolutionize” digital assets for both institutional and individual investors and will enable clients to transact with instant settlement on a peer-to-peer basis.

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NEWS  |  02.22.19  |  CryptoVibes

New coin backed by physical diamonds is set to reshape the stablecoins’ market

The new coin will provide liquidity to investors. Traditionally, you could buy diamonds and add them to your portfolio. But when it comes to selling, challenges arise with too many fees and extensive discounts involved resulting in loss of considerable amounts. With the coin, investors can sell fractions of their diamond portfolio within the liquidity pool of the entire crypto market.

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NEWS  |  02.16.19  |  CryptoGlobe

ICOs raised 95% less in January 2019 than in their best month

Due to the large number of scams orchestrated under the guise of ICOs, and the lack of proper regulations for the crowdfunding method, many companies have introduced security token offerings. These are regulated token offerings that allow investors to acquire crypto assets which are backed by real-world assets such as stocks, debts, commodities, and real estate.

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NEWS  |  02.15.19  |  The Hill

Iran faces a long road before using blockchain to evade U.S. sanctions

Tehran’s central bank has the ambition to launch a national cryptocurrency, but the effort remains at the experimental stage. Some recent media reports claim that Iran has “launched” a state cryptocurrency based on gold called the Peyman. What really is happening, however, is less dramatic, but it does signal Iran’s strategic intent to use blockchain technology to develop long-term sanctions resistance.

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NEWS  |  02.11.19  |  TheCryptoUpdates

Up close with Steve Grossman, CEO of Planet Digital Partners

Planet Digital Partners (PDP) represents an all-star team of video game industry leaders including the founder of Taking 2/Grand Theft Auto, and Saber Interactive, the developer of Halo, Quake, and NBA Playgrounds. PDP is a blockchain-centric video game publisher providing investment opportunities via a security token offering for a portfolio of games in development that will cover all major platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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