NEWS  |  11.06.18  |  CryptoGround

Experts believe security tokens are the future of the cryptocurrency industry

With the SEC’s recent hardline stance on unregulated ICOs, security token offerings (STOs) are now the only means for cryptocurrency crowdfunding in the United States. This places a lot more prominence on tokenized securities. Recently, many stakeholders have been expressing their confidence in the emerging security token paradigm.

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EDUCATION  |  11.06.18  |  Blockchain Magazine

How security tokens will disrupt traditional venture capital

Security tokens are expected to account for 80% (or $4 trillion) of the total global market cap (GMP) of cryptocurrency by 2025, with trading volume of these tokens exceeding $40 trillion for the same period. Tokenized securities will be recognized as legal securities under federal law, and therefore ownership protection will exist.

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NEWS  |  11.05.18  |

SpaceX alum’s crypto exchange will sell stock through security token offering

LXDX, the high-speed cryptocurrency exchange founded by a former SpaceX engineer, will issue stock through a security token offering (STO). LXDX will issue 5 million tokens that collectively represent a 10 percent ownership share in the exchange and will entitle token holders to 10 percent of the exchange’s quarterly adjusted gross revenue.

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EDUCATION  |  10.31.18  |  KnowTechie

Why the future of retail crypto investing belongs to STOs

The security token offering – or STO, as it’s being called – addresses the uncertainties of ICOs while embracing the fact that tokens are indeed securities. Like ICOs, STOs provide an innovative approach to capital funding, democratizing access to both capital for startups and investment, while providing much-needed transparency...

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EDUCATION  |  08.04.18  |  VentureBeat

The era of security tokens has begun

Cryptoassets are already coming of age. With the arrival of the security token offering (STO), the crypto space is beginning to reach an uncharted level of legitimacy in the financial community. We are about to witness perhaps even more disruption in markets and society than we’ve been promised. The STO is the safe, secure, and sensible answer to the ICO.

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