EDUCATION  |  12.11.18  |  The Tokenist

Be patient with security token expectations, says HyperLink Capital

The digital wrapper provided by tokenization offers a wealth of benefits. It’s already experienced implementation in the traditional financial securities sector, to include luxury property, REITs, equity, investment funds, and fine art ownership. Such an atmosphere has created a significant buzz around security tokens. Many perceive they will go on to seriously disrupt the capital markets industry in the near-future.

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EDUCATION  |  12.09.18  |  The Tokenist

Bill Gates: We are “compelled” to transition to a digital financial system

Gates highlights how the world’s poorest people do have assets: their intellect, labor, and their savings. However, the lack of financial infrastructure in the developing world exploits these assets, as opposed to allowing these individuals to see their full benefits. But a digital financial system would bring a much needed change.

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EDUCATION  |  12.07.18  |  Forbes

The rise of the stable coins: Will they be the next to endure regulatory scrutiny from the SEC?

A “stable coin” is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to another stable asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar, but is not tied to a central bank. This allows for using cryptocurrency to pay for everyday things. As the cryptocurrency markets continue to sink, stable coins are mushrooming like there's no tomorrow. It will probably only be a matter of time before the SEC turns its attention to this class of digital assets.

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EDUCATION  |  12.07.18  |

Transforming FinTech: A global approach to the security tokens movement

Despite current setbacks in the cryptocurrency market, the security token movement remains a bastion of optimism for blockchain and finance industry actors. With an estimated addressable market of $500 trillion, security tokens are an attractive prospect for many. But to unlock the full potential of this tremendous new asset class, industry collaboration—on a global scale—will be necessary

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EDUCATION  |  12.07.18  |  The Tokenist

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: “I’m not going to change rules just to fit a technology”

Jay Clayton officially took office in May 2017. When he was sworn in, he wasn’t asked a single question related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Now, a common debate concerning regulations centers upon security tokens. Some believe that tokenized securities need new laws—but Clayton has consistently implied that security tokens are subject to the existing securities laws as established by his commission.

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NEWS  |  12.07.18  |  Cryptovest

Tokeny and Security Token Network team up on STO initiative

Luxembourg-based fintech company Tokeny has teamed up with Security Token Network to provide end-to-end STO services and foster the industry’s development and mass adoption. The strategic partnership will see Tokeny deliver issuance solutions including token management, deployment, and governance. For its part, Security Token Network will be responsible for the planning, project execution, marketing, and fundraising needed for an STO.

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EDUCATION  |  12.01.18  |  The Tokenist

STOs v. ICOs: What’s the difference?

ICOs were all the rage in 2017 and early 2018, raising billions upon billions of dollars. But a disproportionate number of these projects failed to deliver. With ICOs falling to the wayside amid legal concerns, a new token offering model is on the horizon: security token offerings. Learn the crucial difference between these two models.

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NEWS  |  12.02.18  |  Filthy Lucre

Fidelity Investments looks to expand its digital asset trading

Fidelity Investments revealed at the Block FS conference in New York that it’s looking to expand its institutional cryptocurrency asset platform to now include trading services for the top five to seven cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The platform is expected to be launched next year.

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NEWS  |  11.27.18  |  SludgeFeed

Coinbase and Ripple back security token startup ‘Securitize’

Securitize, a San Francisco-based startup that assists companies with tokenizing assets and traditional securities, has closed a $12.75 million Series A round led by Blockchain Capital, with notable participation from Coinbase Ventures and Ripple’s Xpring Fund. The startup wants to tokenize the $7 trillion securities industry to improve transparency and liquidity.

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